Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the composition of the Master Association board of directors and how is it selected?
    • The board is comprised of seven residents who are elected by the membership/residents to serve a term of two (years). The election is held in the fall, with results announced at the Annual Meeting, usually held in early February. Once elected, the directors elect the officers of the board: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.
  • How many homes are within Wildcat Run?
    • There are 450 homes within Wildcat Run. The community is comprised of 6 smaller communities, as noted below, plus single family estate homes and several remaining lots.
      • The Village: 36 condo units
      • The Lakeside: Villas-10 single family villas
      • Cypress Bend: 2 buildings of 4 units each-Carriage home design
      • Cypress Cove: 11 buildings of 4 units each-Carriage Home design
      • Wildcat Cove: 40 single family villas
      • The Pines: 10 units of attached villas for a total of 20 units
  • What is the difference between the Community Association and Country Club Boards?
    • The Community Association has its own Board of Directors with 7 directors and a management company hired to manage Community issues like Design and Review and rules enforcement. The Country Club has a separate 9 member B.O.D. and is concerned with the Club’s operations. The Community Association is the Master Association.
  • How do I contact the Wildcat Run Design Review Committee?
    • The Wildcat Run Community Association has an active Design Review Approval process, chaired by Jack Oliver. Once you go to the Wildcat Run website, you may click on the Documents tab. You will find the Design Review Guidelines and an application that can be downloaded. It can also be found on the Members Only side of the website under Design Review Committee. Applications are also available by calling Alliant Management, 239-454-1101 and speaking with a Customer Service rep. They’re happy to email the necessary applications to you. Once completed, the application must be sent to or dropped off at the clubhouse to the attention of the HOA/DRC, not Alliant. Applications and approvals are REQUIRED before work starts and violation letters and fining will start for all work being done without necessary preapprovals.
  • How do I contact a Community Association Board member?
    • If you have an issue regarding rules enforcement or external changes to your home – including re-painting, solar pool heaters, placing satellite antennae – please contact:

      Alliant Management Company
      (239) 454-1101
      13831 Vector Ave.
      Fort Myers, FL 33907

      If you need to contact a Community Association Board member regarding other items, go to the Members Only website page and click on Master Association for member contact info.
  • Is it permissible to lease my home?
    • The Wildcat Run community Association (WRCA) has a requirement of a ninety (90) day minimum rental period. The Guidelines for approval are listed below.
  • What are the Procedures for Renters?
    • Residents who wish to rent their homes must adhere to the following procedures:

      There is a minimum 90 day period for rentals. Residents should submit the request to lease directly to Alliant Management, at least 30 days in advance. The rental application is available from Alliant Management, and is also on the HOA website under the Documents tab. There is a $100 processing fee, payable by the renter to Alliant and a $40 fee for a background check per person who will be living in the residence, payable to WCR Community Association. Fees for international background checks are $45 and payable to Wildcat Run Community Association.

      If the rental applicant is found through a realtor, the realtor may contact Alliant to determine if the background check that they perform meets our criteria. Any renter found through a realtor must either use the Lease document found on the Master HOA website or complete the Lease Addendum form, found on the HOA website, under the Documents tab.

      Once the application is submitted to Alliant, along with the consent for a background check, Alliant will process the rental application and background check and forward it to the individual association representative of the Cypress Cove Condo Association, Wildcat Cove Homeowners Association, the Pines Homeowners Association, Lakeside Villas Condo Association, Cypress Bend Condo Association or the Village at Wildcat Run Condo Association. Once approved by the individual condo or homeowners association, it will be forwarded to the Community Association Board rental representative for final approval and Alliant will notify the renter and the home or condo owner.

      Occupancy prior to final approval is PROHIBITED. Lease renewals require the same approvals as the original lease.

      Renters are subject to the rules and regulations of The Wildcat Run Community Association as well as any additional restrictions of a Condo or Homeowners Association. Those restrictions are also available on the HOA website under the Documents tab.

  • I'm selling my home. How does the realtor/Title Company obtain an estoppel from the Wildcat Run Community Association?
    • Estoppels are prepared by Alliant Association Management. The standard fee is $125 ($175 if the request is received less than 15 days prior to closing). Please direct all estoppel requests to:

      Alliant Association Management
      13831 Vector Ave.
      Fort Myers, FL 33907
      Ph: 239-454-1101
      Fax: 239-454-1147
  • Are there any restrictions for painting my house, changing my landscaping, or replacing my roof?
    • Yes. Please refer to the Design Review Guidelines.
      DRC applications are available on the website or from Alliant by calling Customer Service at 239 454-1101. They need to be filled out completely and mailed to The Wildcat Run Community Association, INC. c/o Wildcat Run Golf and Country Club 20300 Country Club Dr. Estero, FL 33928 They can also be dropped off at the clubhouse or emailed to
  • What restrictions apply to the use of my home?
    • A home may only be used as a private single family residence.
  • Whom do I call with concerns over my property?
    • a. If your concern is with the transponders or decals for the gate, please contact the Gatehouse directly at (239) 992-8018.

      b. If your concern is regarding gatehouse issues, common areas or information on proper leasing procedures, you would contact WRCA Board members or Alliant Management at 239.454.1101.

      c. If your concern is with use of the facilities or membership, please contact the Club, at (239) 947-6066.
  • What are the fees for the Wildcat Run Community Association?
    • The annual dues for 2016 are $1995 for homeowners and $2535 for lot owners. Alliant Management manages all payment processes for the Wildcat Run Community Association. Payments are due and payable by December 31, 2015 for the 2016 calendar year
  • What is the Operating Budget?
    • The Operating Budget consists of expected operational expenses and forecasted revenues. It also includes contributions to the statutory reserves: General and Road.
  • How is the Operating Budget put together?
    • The operating budget is developed by the WRCA Treasurer and presented to the full Board for approval in October each year.
  • Does Wildcat Run have a CDD?
    • No. The development of Wildcat Run was completed without the aid of a CDD.
  • How do I maintain my mailbox for my estate home?
    • New Mailbox information

      We now have a new vendor for mailboxes for the single family homes in Wildcat Run. The vendor is Ornamental Columns Statues Inc. Their website is;, their email is The address is 16179 S Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers, Florida 33908 and the phone number is 239-482-3911

      The new mailboxes require a little more coordination for installation, but are less expensive overall than our previous vendor. Owners who wish to obtain a new mailbox should follow the following procedure.
      • An Owner wishing to purchase a new mailbox must contact Alliant Property Management to order the mailbox. Alliant Property Management will then contact Ornamental Columns with the order and deliver the light housing that Ornamental Columns needs to fabricate the mailbox. Alliant Property Management will deliver the interior lighting parts and photo cell to the Wildcat Run owner. Ornamental Columns will contact the owner to schedule installation. Payment for the mailbox and installation is made directly to Ornamental Columns. Ornamental Columns will provide the invoice.

      • The owner then should contact West Coast Lighting at 239-690-2852, Glen Boulanger at Atlantic Power, 239-565-7094 or an electrician of their choice to have the light fixture installed.
      The approximate costs are $1004.80 for mailbox w/delivery and lighting material, $25 for Cement Sealer (recommended by Ornamental Columns to seal the cement so it doesn't need to be painted) and approximately $150 for electrical reinstallation.

      We have installed new mailboxes at these addresses if residents are interested in seeing what the new mailbox product looks like.

      20581 Wildcat Run Dr. (along east side of community)

      20153 Wildcat Run Dr. (along north side of community, near Willow Bend Court)

      If you need to paint your mailbox, the color code is as follows: The paint is available at Lowe’s and the color code which you should bring to the paint section at Lowe’s is “Lowe’s Storm Coat, exterior semi gloss, 147491 pastel base 101-10.5, 107-47.5, 109-5.5.” Don’t forget that Wet and Forget is a good product for removing mold and mildew and maintaining the cleanliness longer.

  • What is the difference between the Master Association Board and the Country Club Board?
    • Within Wildcat Run, we have two separate governing bodies that deal with different aspects of life within our Community. Each of these organizations has its own Board of Directors and Officers and act independently, but cooperatively, with the other.

      The WILDCAT RUN GOLF AND COUNTRY CLUB is associated with social and recreational aspects of our community. Their areas of concern are the Country Club, Grill Room, Tennis Courts, Fitness and Wellness Center, and Golf Course. At least one owner of each Lot or Unit must be a social member of the Country Club.

      The WILDCAT RUN COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION is associated with the maintenance and care taking of our Community in areas not associated with the golf course. The Community Association's areas of concern are the Common areas: roads, storm sewers, perimeter landscaping, lakes, irrigation, entry area and gatehouse, security, and enforcement of the Covenants and Restrictions. Every person who is the record owner of a Lot or Unit within the sub-division, is a member of the Association for as long as they own the Lot or Unit. The complete list of Association duties and responsibilities is contained in the Articles of Incorporation.

      The Wildcat Run Community Association is a homeowners association incorporated as a not-for-profit pursuant to Chapters 617 and 720 of the Florida Statutes. Chapter 720 deals mainly with homeowners associations. The Association complies with the Florida Sunshine Laws. All of our meetings are open to all members. There are four sets of documents that govern our Community Association. They are the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, The Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and the Design Review Committee Guidelines. We recommend that all of our residents become familiar with these documents.
  • My son and I are rebuilding an antique car. Do I have to do this in my backyard?
    • There are limitations to certain activities within Wildcat Run. Please review the Design Review Guidelines and contact the DRC chair, Jack Oliver at to discuss if you have questions.
  • I have a third car and a 24 foot fishing boat I'd like to store beside my garage. Do I have to cover them with anything in particular?
    • There are limitations within Wildcat Run that do not permit outside storage of certain vehicles, including boats, pickup trucks, RVs, etc . Only passenger vehicles may be parked overnight in driveways. Motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, etc. must be parked in a garage overnight. Trucks, tractors, boats, jet skis, trailers, campers, motor homes, etc. may be parked in a garage, but may NOT be parked in a driveway overnight. They must be garaged or arrangements made for offsite storage. If there is space available, parking may be allowed overnight at the maintenance facility. Access will only be allowed during the maintenance department's hours of operation. Anything longer than overnight parking would require the rental of an annual space. Arrangements must be made through the Country Club.
  • My wife and I want to change the design of our pool and include a small poolside changing building. What should this building look like?
    • All home renovations require approval by the Design Review Committee. Please contact the Chair of the DRC, Jack Oliver at, to discuss your plans in advance of starting the project.
  • What are the different neighborhoods within Wildcat Run?
    • Wildcat Run features a variety of elegant homes to perfectly suit your lifestyle, from condominiums to elegant detached villas and custom estate homes.

      Estate Homes: The Estate Homes within our community have been built by some of the most reputable builders in Southwest Florida. Home styles include traditional Florida style and Mediterranean. One of the most attractive features ofWildcat Run Estate Homes is the exceptionally large lot sizes, ranging from one half to three quarters acre. All lots have either lake or golf course views and some enjoy both. There are a total of 292 individual home sites in this community.

      The Villages at Wildcat Run: This condominium enclave of thirty –six (36) attached villas was started in the late 1980’s. It is comprised of eighteen (18) single-story end units, which are two-bedroom, 2 ½ bath units and eighteen (18) two-story units which are three-bedroom, 2 ½ bath units. Views of the lake, preserve and/ or fountain make this a very peaceful setting. An inviting, well-maintained pool and two tennis courts provide additional means to get to know your neighbors.

      Lakeside Villas: Built in the late 1980’s, this condominium community has ten (10) single-family detached homes.There are three separate floor plans with variations including: three bedrooms, two bedrooms with den, and with either two or three baths or two-and-one-half baths. Sizes range from about 2000 to 2300 square feet. This association also has use of the pool and tennis courts at The Villages condominium enclave.

      Cypress Bend: These two unique condominium buildings were built in the early 1990’s and enjoy beautiful lake and preserve views. Each unit has three bedrooms and three baths. The second floor units have an interior elevator from the first floor. These eight (8) very special units also have access to the heated pool and tennis courts of The Villages of Wildcat Run.

      Cypress Cove: The carriage home residences of Cypress Cove, built in 1999-2002 offer a unique blend of privacy and beauty in Wildcat Run’s country club setting. There is an enclave of forty-four (44) homes, featuring four end residences. The 1st floor units have 1759 sq ft and the 2nd floor units have 2130 sq ft. All units have private two car garages. A community pool is also part of this complex.

      The Pines: This lovely enclave is comprised of ten (10) duplexes, also known as twin villas. Individual units may have as many as three bedrooms and three baths, as well as a den/ office. Viewsof the fourteenth fairway and green can provide many hours of entertainment while sitting around your pool relaxing.

      Wildcat Cove: A neighborhood of only 40 private residences ranging from 2160 to 2656 square feet of air-conditioned living space, each with its own private pool. Many boast either shimmering lake, nature preserves and championship golf course vistas. The largest models are courtyard models which offer the ultimate in privacy. Residents also have access to the community pool which is jointly owned by deed with Cypress Cove.